Sunday, 9 February 2014

Hockey, Biking, Fishing and armchair version of Hemingway

Detra and I had a great time at Leafs vs Panthers game this past Tuesday night even though our Buds lost.  We had fantastic seats right next to the Panther's locker room tunnel.  Detra is a goalie nut and two of her favourites were playing Tim Thomas (Panthers) and Jonathan Bernier(Leafs).  She fist bumped Thomas on his way by and I'm sure that gave him the edge in the game.  We were very close to the action.  The force of the checks and pace of the game at ice level is something to experience, TV can't give that feeling of energy on the ice. 

Outside BB&T Center

Opening Face-Off!
 (yes we were this close)

Hemingway had the "Running of the Bulls" in Pamplona. In my version of the great writer/sportsman I have the "Running of the Bulldog" a few times a day.

Hemingway went deep sea fishing on his launch the "Pilar",  we will be going on the "Lady Stuart" a party boat out of Stuart FL.  They have good luck catching all wide variety of fish. I have also picked up a surf fishing rod to play out The Old Man and the Sea, alas from the safety of the beach.


I've had the white facial hair like "Papa" longer than I'd like to remember, but not dashing good looks.   

While on a cruise a couple of years ago we visited his home in Key West,FL

 Where he did his writing...

and where he did his drinking, Sloppy Joe's
The Olympics are starting and being a Canadian in the US I will get a different experience than I'm used to.  Coverage here is on NBC and understandably  focused on the American atheletes.  We will have to search to follow the Canadians
These are the hardships great sportsmen, like Ernest and I, endure to have a life of adventure.



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  2. Excellent!.... another Hemingway in the making.... :)
    Great photos to go along with the theme. When are you going on the Lady Stuart?

    (Edited for typing mistake)

  3. We are going after the cruise, not sure which day yet. Our internet is down for some reason and won't be fixed 'til we get back. Cruise and fishing should be enough for another blog entry.

    Will talk when we get back,