Sunday, 2 February 2014

Man it's HOT!...sorry didn't mean to rub it in... he, he, EH!

 We have been enjoying great weather since we've been here.  We did have two days of steady rain this week, but other than that it has been very nice. 

Settling into life in one spot for a month has been very relaxing.  We have fallen into some routines, get up in the morning, throw on some shorts, a little web time with coffee, take the dogs for walk, go for a bike ride, breakfast, decide what to do that day and do it.  Walk the dogs when we get back (Abby is looking at us as if to say, "Enough with the walking already!").  Dinner, a little TV or stream the hockey game and we can call it a night.  Sounds a little boring when I write it out, but OH!BOY! it feels good so far!  I'm sure we will change things up as time rolls on.  Being new to this we have a lot to learn about what will work to keep things interesting.

We spent an afternoon at Vero Beach, window shopping and site seeing.  It's a nice little place to spend a little time and a lot of money if you are so inclined.  The shops around the city center cater to people with much better pensions than this new retiree.

The Navy UDT-SEAL Museum took up another afternoon.  Fort Pierce,FL is where the first navy specialists were trained at the beginning of WW2.  It was very interesting to see the technology that was used and how it changed over the years.  There was a Veteran there answering questions, who prepped the beaches for landing before D-Day.  The stories and what these guys did to clear channels for landing craft was unbelievable.  Between swimming in at night and mapping the beach and obstacles the Germans had put in the water, to blowing things up under cover of a navy ship barrage.  Displays were throughout the building and grounds right through to present day equipment( or at least recent, these guys use the latest, greatest and top secret stuff available).  I just eat this stuff up.



Actual life boat from Capt. Phillip's ship Maersk Alabama.  (I'll let Tom Hanks tell you the story.)

It has been great getting  back on the bicycle again, I didn't seem to have time or motivation back in Oshawa.  I've really missed it since I stopped commuting to GM 4 years ago.  When I left Winmar at the beginning of September, I started  to put a few pounds on. (Thanks for not noticing or keeping it to yourself if you did.)   I've been averaging about 15km a day on the bike, plus all the walking Detra and I have been doing I've already dropped 6lbs.  We enjoy being more active and feel better for it. This is one huge plus to this lifestyle and one that helped to make our decision to fulltime.  Love it!

We have tickets for the Leafs vs. Panthers on Tues. Feb. 4!  Watch for us 5 rows from the ice, just to the right of the Panthers bench.  We will be sporting leafs jerseys and big grins.  We have watched all Leaf games for years up until we left Canada.  Then as soon as we leave they go on a 6 game winning streak that we weren't able to see.  When we stream the next game they lose :(  I hope it wasn't something we did.)

We went to The Treasure Coast Pirate Festival today.  They a have clubs that are like civil war  re-enactors, but for pirates.  Being pirates they are free to act loud, drunk and unruly (toned down as it is a family event).  Costumes were very good and there was a camp you could tour that they were living in for the weekend.  These people put a lot into this and look like they have a great time together scaring kids and causing havoc.

                                     This air boat was stunning the pic doesn't due it justice.

Headed over to Fort Pierce Inlet State Park for a bicycle ride after the Pirates.  We bought a new comfort bike for Detra as her mountain bike wasn't cutting it for longer rides.  She has been riding a lot longer (over 4km at a time already) with the new bike, so it will pay health dividends down the road. ( pun intended).  The park was ok and we ran into some wildlife along the way.

Sweatin' in the sunny south,
(sorry, slipped out)



  1. Another amusing look at what it is like to be on a "permanent vacation."
    Congrats on losiing 6 lbs. :) Happy that you and Detra are enjoying riding your bikes again. Enjoy the warmth and sunshine..and that hockey game! We are still freezing up here!

    1. Thanks Mum. Glad you are enjoying the blog. I've only received comments from you because of Google+, I am trying to figure out the settings on this thing to allow anyone to comment.

  2. I too am enjoying the blogs - thought I'd try to comment - just to see if I could.

  3. You know we'll be watching for you at the game tomorrow. So jealous. Enjoy!

  4. Morning..I asked M&M to try commenting as Anonymous. I see it worked. So if anyone who doesn't have Google+ wants to comment, they can use that setting and just sign their name. I see that the Leafs all have their fathers there along on the trip. Have fun!

  5. Thanks. I was hoping it was working it's good to know it is. All ready excited for the game!