Thursday, 20 March 2014

All Quiet on the Western Front

We have been whiling away our time here in San Antonio, taking in festivals, history, the park system and yet another fantastic DDD meal.
There is always something to see or some festival going on here in or around San Antonio.  The Tejano Music Festival was taking place around Market Square last week and it is a celebration of Texans of Mexican decent.  With Spanish music from 100 bands and food booths selling anything on a tortilla or taco for four days.
Even though we don’t understand Spanish, the music had very good beat you could dance to, so we give it a 8 out 10, Dick… (American Bandstand reference for you young ones)
There were a half dozen stages set up in different areas with bands playing non-stop.
We spent more time downtown touring The Spanish Governor's House, the first building put up by a Spanish Captain sent to settle the area long before the Mexicans and Americans started fighting over the area.  The Governor never did come here to stay, they picked the name to give it some importance.
Like most of the historic buildings here, there is a colourful past that included different stores and bars being owners here.  The Alamo was hardware store for a long time and had fallen into disrepair before almost being knocked down to make way for a hotel.  Unthinkable now, so tied to American history and pride, not to mention the 3 million visitors a year bringing money to area businesses.
We have also rode the final leg of the bike trail along the San Antonio river down to Mission Espada.
Living quarters of the clergy here.
espada cropped
The dogs love to be taken a couple of miles down the road to a very nice dog park.
There are water fountains short enough for Abby to drink out of.
This is part of a larger park complex with baseball diamonds, football fields and children’s play area.  There is a walking trail around an old quarry and an neat work-out area with 10 stations to work different muscle groups.
Walking trail with quarry in the background.
We have fit in another DDD restaurant here, the Magnolia Pancake Haus.  I had the corned beef hash featured on the show that Guy could not find words to describe.  The beef brisket is marinated for TWO WEEKS!!! before being baked and then rested for a day before being fried up and served with two eggs of your choice on top, add two of the fluffiest, lightest and tastiest pancakes on the side and you have breakfast nirvana!  The  undertones and new flavours come at you with each bite, leaving you moaning for more when you find yourself licking the plate because it is all gone and you haven’t deciphered all that has gone on in your mouth. 
Heavenly Hash ain’t no ice cream, this is it!
Detra had an egg dish that was excellent also but, I don’t remember what it was called because of the information overload going on in my mouth.
We have met some people here through a new website called RVillage -(“Our Village” ) which helps RV’ers connect with each other.  It is only in beta right now but it looks like a great idea to get together and stay in touch with people along the way.  In a week of being online it has 2800 members already and is steadily climbing.  Just another tool to make life easier for RV’ers down the road.
We are here until the end of the month and then it’s a short couple hours down the road to Corpus Christi.
‘til next time cowpoke,


  1. We are in Oregon now and checked the area for DDD trying to follow your lead. The closest one is in Portland which we will not make but we will keep trying!

    1. We have got into the habit of checking as we drive. DDD seems to do more in the southeast, as you get down that way you'll have lots to choose from, but in the end you'll want to try them all!

  2. Loved your description of your Heavenly Hash! LOL
    What a great idea to have low water fountains for the dogs. I hear they say everything is "bigger and better" in Texas. You sure are enjoying it there...and soaking up some history too.
    Keep on keepin' on!

  3. I also like the idea of the low fountains