Thursday, 3 April 2014

Hasta la vista San Antonio

We finished our month here in San Antonio excited to be on the road heading for new adventures, but sad to be leaving this city behind.  S.A. has so much going for it between Riverwalk, the markets, historical buildings, The Pearl District and a non stop calendar of events downtown, it seems you can always find something to do in the city center. We love the bike trails linking the missions along the San Antonio river and the attention to all the parks in general including the great dog park we spent plenty of time at.  We will return or as Arnie would say "I'll BE BACK!"

We spent more time eating food and enjoying the hustle and bustle of Riverwalk on weekends.  We jumped into the crowds on a Friday evening to have Italian at Paesano's.  Detra enjoyed a delicious chicken parmigiana and I had the overcooked Lasagna.

Busy spot, excellent service, dinning as day turns to night

Modern day covered wagon?

A Saturday was spent at Trader's Village, which is a flea market Texas style, which is to say HUGE!  There is everything there you could want or think of, clothes, tools, furniture, jewelry, food get the picture.  There is enough to look at that it takes most of the day to walk it all.  The good thing about living in an RV is you always ask yourself "Do I really need this?" before you make any purchases.  Well turns out, I really needed a new stunt kite!  Now when I get on Detra's nerves she can tell me to go fly a kite, which is much better than some things she has told me to do in the last thirty years. 
All kinds of fun for $15
Amazed that these were $300-$400 for handmade leather saddles.
We scratched the DDD itch again at Texas Pride BBQ.  The exterior reminds us of The Shed but more along the lines of old garage/tin shack. 
Filler' up

Out back, old buildings under huge roof.

more ambience

I want one of these to turn into a motorhome.

The main attraction!
We were greeted outside by the manager riding a bicycle built for two, solo.  He was a very funny and friendly guy from Oklahoma. He gave us a tour and took us inside to place our order.  We ordered "The Hungry Texan" - ribs, sausage, beef brisket and four sides (mac and cheese, cheese potatoes, macaroni salad and fantastic peach cobbler.  The brisket was the stand out here but it was all pretty good.  We decided The Shed still holds the crown for best BBQ, but we will gladly eat our way through the contenders looking for the next champ.  This place is well worth the trip if you are in the area and they have live bands, car and bike nights to keep you entertained while you chow down.
Our last Saturday in S.A. was spent back downtown for the last time.  We went up the "Tower of the America's" and visited Hemisphere Park, site of the 1968 Worlds Fair.  Walked around La Villita an artist village selling all types of arts and crafts. Then it was back for lunch on Riverwalk at Landry"s Seafood.  Detra had Fried shrimp and I had a very good Jambalaya sitting along the banks of the river watching the boats and people go by.
March 31 we rolled down to Mustang Island on the gulf coast between Corpus Christi and Port Aransas.  We are staying at Gulf Waters RV Resort, whose sites are individually owned and rented out when not in use by the owners.  The sites here are gorgeous, open, landscaped outside kitchens and bars in some sites.  The park butts up to the beach and we are on the last site before the beach.  There are dunes so we can't actually see the water, but we go to sleep with sounds of the waves crashing on the shore.
Abby loves the thick soft grass

Our patio.  They get way more extravagant than this one.

Our front yard
We are here for a week, I hope it's enough time for us in paradise...






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  1. I laughed so hard at the kite joke. Good one! That sure is a fancy spot you are on.
    Did you see anyone riding in the Cindrella coach? Great photos.