Thursday, 10 April 2014

Fishing and conversations with a Dick

We have decided to stay on here at Gulf Waters Resort an extra 4 nights on a different site that is even nicer than the first.  It is a very relaxing place to spend time just watching the palm trees blowing in the wind and flocks(?) of pelicans flying along the coast. 

We like so much here we went looking at the sites that are available.  We had a great time redoing the landscaping on some, turn down others because of view or some other reason.  We finally decided on one very nice site #460.  It is only $97,500, so I've started saving my change and plan on a Pay Pal account so we can take donations for our cause.  "Please... Only You Can Stop The Tears"

Seriously, this ownership park is something to consider when we get tired of roaming.

We met another couple here from Ontario, we asked where they were from and they say,
 "Oh a small town you probably haven't heard of." 
"Which town is that?" I ask.

  For those who don't know, that is the closest little town to where we spend our summers.

Can you spare just a little for this poor guy?


The USS Lexington is now a floating museum on the Corpus Christi waterfront.  A aircraft carrier that was retired in 1991, it is dwarfed by modern ships but is still a very impressive tool of war.  She was commissioned in '43, was hit by a Japanese torpedo, sunk ships and shot down planes and became known as 'The Blue Ghost' for her blue camouflage and showing up after the Japanese thought they had sunk her. 

Much of the ship is open for the visitors with many informative displays throughout.  We could imagine what life was like on board for the servicemen.  On the flight deck with planes coming and going, fuelling and loading bombs in the hanger deck and the enemy trying to sink you must have been quite the experience for the teenagers and young men in their 20's that make up most of the crew.  Living in the confines of the ship many wouldn't see sunlight for days on end.  Keeping everything running were doctors, dentists, cooks, engineers and all types of tradesmen maintaining everything and everyone battle ready. 

We love visiting historical sites and places like the Alamo or this ship.  They give a much clearer picture of what people go through to become a piece of history. 

While the deck is huge it would look pretty small trying to land a jet on it.


Taking a jet for a short flight

We love to fish when we can so we spent an afternoon on a party fishing boat.  While we were waiting for the trip to start is when we became acquainted with Dick.  You could tell right off that he was a little different, a little friendly and you would think a little eccentric. He wore a felt hat with a long pheasant feather sticking out of it.  A quick chat about Canada and that was it.  Detra and I boarded the boat with all the rest and headed out to the bay.  Dick decided he liked to talk to us and came looking for us on board.  He was open and honest and had no problem asking or answering any kind of question, within minutes I knew that he is a 25yr recovering alcoholic / drug user and then we discussed politics, health care, religion, jobs and family all in less than an hour of meeting.  Richard is someone who leaves an impression very quickly, good or bad he doesn't seem to care which one you choose. 

 He is a character that had been stuck on step 8 and 9 of the 12 step program for years, that is until a British film maker talked to him and thus the documentary Despicable Dick & Righteous Richard came to be.  While we haven't watched the film, Richard told us they filmed him as he went around making amends and apologising (step 8; Make a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all. and step 9; Make direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.)  It has been shown and won awards at Tribeca and at the Toronto film festivals among others.  We look forward to watching it at some point, having met him, I could tell he is accepting of himself and others warts and all.  Whether the friends and family who have been hurt by him in the past are as willing I don't know.

We met some strange guy named Dick and were left to remember Richard, a new friend, one who leaves a lasting impression and a good one a that.

The fishing was fun also.  We caught more fish than anyone else, which is always fun!

Shark Girl!
Detra and I just hit 30 years of marriage.  If you were to ask any guest at our wedding none would have guessed that it would last this long.  Hell, Detra and I just laughed at each other all day because we are amazed we made it this long too. 

 We celebrated at Republic of Texas Steakhouse on the top of the Omni Hotel.  We found an article of the five best places to eat in Corpus Christi and we love steak so it was an easy choice.  There was complimentary valet parking for guests of the restaurant which is great, except it meant handing the keys to a young guy and then me worrying about my big truck fenders making it back safe and sound.  Our waiter Carlos was excellent, talking us through the menu and specials and was always smiling and cheerful.  The steaks were good, but we expected better.  The sides are ordered separately and were excellent, meant to be shared we had plenty to take home for breakfast.  Carlos gave us a free pastry dessert in honor of the occasion.  The view of the bay is great and there is a balcony to check it out el fresco.  A nice memory and the truck came back without a scratch!

30yrs, who'da thunk?

USS Lexington off in the distance.
We plan on boondocking right on the beach Fri. night so we can check out Texas Sandfest.  Buy a $12 pass from the city and you can camp on the sand for up to three days.  It is our first time trying this out. We are looking forward to the experience.  They started getting things ready earlier in the week, making huge piles of sand for the pro's start competing.  The pics below are of a tribute to servicemen/women. This one is not in the competition but still very good.



We start in the direction of home on Saturday, with stops in Memphis, Chicago and who knows where in between.



  1. As usual, another entertaining episode in your Wandering Whelan adventures.
    So how are the donations coming with your "Stop the tears" Paypal acount? LOL

    Hope your Boondogging went well and you enjoyed the Texas Sandfest. I will look forward to seeing the photos..and your return home for the summer. Happy travels.

    1. Donations are slow right now I think we have to market it better. Boondocking and Sandfest were great.

  2. Congratulations on your 30 years! How was the boondocking?

    1. Thanks Jim. Enjoyed our short stay on the beach. We'll need a set-up like yours if we want to do longer stays.

  3. congrats on your anniversary - which we could have celebrated with you i cant believe its been that long...seems like yesterday. you both will always be our very special best friends ever.

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